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Where can I find data?

Excavation Reports

Here you can find a collection of archaeological excavation data from around the world and the necessary information how to access it. The data is sorted by country of the excavation site (not of the excavator).

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Antarctica
  • Africa
  •  Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Objects and Finds

The following hosts offer various  information on different types of objects and finds from museums, libraries, archives, excavations etc. As most databases offer different types of objects, from buildings information to books, and also from different periods, this list is (currently) not structured.

(Please add further sources and information how to access the data as comments / posts – we will integrate the data regularly. If you found any broken links, please report them below, too. THANKS!!!)

Let’s talk!

Digital Archaeology Standards and Practices Forum

General Information


Here you will get some general information about the purpose of this forum and how to participate in the discussion


Requirements Discussion

Suggestions Box

What archaeological tools or apps do you need or want? What functionality would they have? Is there anything you know of that almost does the job - but needs development or improvement?



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