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Potsherd Atlas of Roman Pottery

This is a collection of pages on pottery and ceramics in archaeology, principally of the Roman period (1st cent. BC – 5th cent. AD) in Britain and western Europe.

  • The pages include an introductory Atlas of Roman Pottery, containing descriptions and distribution maps of types of Roman pottery (particularly types found in Britain).
  • The pages of the Atlas describing the individual wares can be accessed through the main menu, which lists the wares by CLASS (table wares, cooking wares, transport amphoras etc) or SOURCE (by province of origin). Links to these indices will also be found in the main menu bar.


  • The Potsherd pages were hosted at between 2000 and 2010.
  • The permanent URL for this site is now

Roman Pottery in Britain

  • The site includes a companion to Roman Pottery in Britain, a survey of pottery made or used in Britain during the Roman period published in 1996. The pages include an additional index of non-UK sites and a list of errata.

Additional datasets

  • Central Gaulish granite-tempered wares: database, images etc to accompany paper published in the journal Nord-Ouest Archéologie 12 (2001). This ware includes some of the moulded-rim jars classified in French ceramic reports as le type Besançon.


Paldat – Current Pollen Database

PalDat is the world’s largest database for Palynological Data.PalDat provides a large amount of data from a variety of plant families. Each data entry ideally includes a detailed description of the pollen grain, images of each pollen grain (LM, SEM and TEM), images of the plant/inflorescence/flower and relevant literature.

Online access to the database is free of charge (

To publish palynological data in PalDat a free registration is required.
PalDat is operated by members of the Division of Structural and Functional Botany (SFB) at the University of Vienna ( and supervised by AutPal, the “Society for the Promotion of Palynological Research in Austria” (